Dryer Repair

dryer repairDrying your laundry on the clothesline is hardly the most convenient way to get your clothes ready for wear. A dryer, however, makes the task fast and almost effortless. This is because, in just a few minutes after cleaning your clothes, the dryer can make your clothes dry and ready for ironing. Dryers especially come in handy mostly during winter and rainy seasons when hanging your clothes outside to dry is hardly an option. But even during the sunnier days of the year, dust, birds and insects can leave your laundry in need of rewashing when hanged outside.  But dryers are not valuable to folks who prefer to do laundry in home. They are also used by those who are in the laundry business where, along with washers, they make up the backbone of the business.

A top of the line dryer can be rather expensive, which is why those who own one need to take great care of it through routine maintenance. It is also significant for one to attend urgently to any signs of dryer malfunction. This is because defects on electrical appliances can get worse rapidly when not fixed quickly.

Signs That Your Dryer Has A Problem

While there are dozens of dryer brands, models and sizes, these appliances typically undergo similar problems. Some of these issues include:

  • The dryer produces excess heat
  • The appliance stops all over sudden when in the middle of drying clothes
  • The dyer stays for a long time before heating up
  • The machine refuses to start at all
  • The dryer shakes when drying the clothes
  • The dryer stops producing any heat at all
  • The device keeps on tripping the breaker
  • The appliance makes a loud noise while running

Immediately you note some of these problems, it is essential that you take appropriate steps urgently. If the dryer stops heating or will not start at all, it’s not really serving you. A defective problem inconveniences you at home and costs you revenue if you run a laundry business. This is why it is essential to look for a solution fast as soon as you notice some of these issues. Fortunately, there’s always something you can do.

So What Action Should You Take?

Generally, you have two options. You can either buy a brand new dryer or repair the malfunctioning one. Buying a new dryer is can be rather expensive because a dryer decent household costs at least several hundred dollars while a high end commercial one can set you back a lot more than that. The preferable solution is to contact a reliable appliance repair company to troubleshoot and fix your dryer.  The good news is that dryer malfunctions tend to be easily reparable; and at a tiny fraction of the cost of buying a new appliance. You can count on us at Oceanside Appliance Repair to come to your aid.

Why Choose Us?

Oceanside Appliance Repair is fully committed to providing high-quality appliance repair service. The best part is that this company has very affordable rates. Our technicians are some of the most competent appliance repair technicians in the region.They are not only well trained but also highly experienced in repairing both commercial and household dryers, among many other appliances. All our technicians are EPA certified. We are well-known for the excellent customer service. We know you rely on your dryer very much, so we go out of our way to provide the quickest service possible. We have a same-day service policy which we strictly stick to. This policy makes sure that your dryer is repaired the very same day you contact us. Our technicians come armed with original replacement parts and we only leave after making sure that your dryer is running smoothly. We always use original replacement parts where needed.  All our charges are all-inclusive and flat rate, so you never need to worry about paying by the hour.

Which Brands Do We Repair?

Our experts can repair your dryer and other commercial and household appliances from all brands and models.  Some of the brands we work with include Kenmore, Viking, Scotsman, Asko, Bosch, Samsung, LG, Thermador, Dacor, Fisher, Kitchen Aid, Sears and many more.

Besides repair, we are happy to provide appliance maintenance services. Our services are available day and night, so you can always be sure we have your back whenever you need us.

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