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A refrigerator is one the most common appliances found in homes. It is used to keep food supplies fresh for a longer period. A fridge is convenient for all the people who prefer buying their groceries in bulk to purchasing them on a daily basis. If you own a garden, the appliance helps you keep your veggies and fruits fresh every time you harvest them. Outside the home, fridges come in handy for those with grocery stores and food businesses. In these businesses, commercial fridges help preserve massive quantities of food products before they are sold to customers. Given that a refrigerator is almost always running, it is essential that it is given proper care to avoid breakdowns. One of the ways to do that is through proper use and routine fridge maintenance. It is also very vital to deal with any defects that you notice in your refrigerator may to keep it from escalating and damaging the entire appliance. Of course, it helps a lot to know what freezer defects you should be watching out for and how to properly tackle them.

Common Fridge Defects

Currently, there are many brands, models and types of refrigerators. Regardless of the type or brand of fridge you have at home or business, however, note that you’re very likely to deal with one or more of the following issues at some point:

  • The fridge takes an extended period to cool
  • Water leakage in the refrigerator
  • The appliance starts and then stops suddenly
  • The refrigerator’s door is broken
  • Unpleasant smell in the fridge
  • The machine produces a lot of noises
  • The device declines to start at all
  • The lights of the appliance decline working

These problems need to be taken care of immediately or else they will rapidly escalate and can cause severe damage to the appliance. When your fridge stops working, it’s likely that most of the food stored in there will begin to go bad after a while. Even when the appliance seems to work, it’s possible that the appliance will do so at the expense of more power consumption. Water leakage or excessive noise from your fridge, on the other hand, make the machine a nuisance. These are just some of the reasons you need to act quickly.

What Should You Do?

Some people prefer buying a brand new refrigerator to replace the faulty one.  Others prefer to repair the faulty one. Purchasing a new refrigerator can prove quite expensive as a new freezer can set you back at least several hundred dollars. This is especially challenging if you did not plan to buy a new refrigerator. Luckily, most of the refrigerator defects can easily be repaired provided you hire a reliable appliance repair company. Repair costs tend to be usually affordable.  If your fridge has troubles, you can count on us at Oceanside Appliance Repair to assess it and provide a lasting solution for it.

Why Choose Us?

Oceanside Appliance Repair is reputable for providing high-quality services to the residents of Oceanside. Our company is dedicated to ensuring that your appliance repair needs are met to your satisfaction. We are lucky to have the most competent technicians in the region. Our experts are not only well trained but also EPA certified, so you can always be sure that your fridge is being handled by a professional. No matter how bad the defect seems, trust our technicians to restore your appliance to perfect working order. We offer the quickest service in the region because we want to make sure you don’t suffer longer than you’ve already done. When you call us, we urgently dispatch one of our highly qualified technicians to repair your appliance. Once our technician comes to your home, they will carefully examine the trouble with your appliance and then tell you how much it will cost to repair. The technician will give you the total cost or repair costs upfront. You will notice that we have the most affordable rates in the city. We also make sure that all replacement parts we use are original and factory approved. As soon as we have fixed your appliance, we thoroughly tidy up the area before leaving. We want to be as professional as possible. You’ll be glad you called us.

Which brands to our technicians repair?

Our technicians have the technical know-how to repair appliances from all the top brands including Hotpoint, LG, Whirlpool, Samsung, Roper, HEIL, Amana, Kitchen Aid, Bosch, Caloric, Kenmore, Westinghouse, Gibson, Viking, Tappan, True, Kirkland and dozen more.

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