Freezer Repair

FRIDGE REPAIREver wondered why freezers are one of the commonest household and commercial appliances in America? Well, freezers serve a very vital role in our daily lives. They help keep our food in good condition for much longer than period than it usually have lasts in the normal room temperature. These appliances are a godsend for people who like to shop in bulk, especially when it comes to buying groceries like vegetables, fruits, meat and dairy products. But freezers are useful outside the home too. In restaurants and grocery stores where perishable food supplies are bought in substantial quantities, commercial freezers help keep these supplies fresh until they are bought by clients. In hospitals and medical labs, freezers help keep some medical supplies in good condition.

Since the freezer is usually in use day and night, it’s essential to take good care of it so it does not break down when you need it the most. The secret to making your fridge function efficiently for a long time is through proper maintenance, and by addressing any signs of defects promptly. This is because even what seems like a minor freezer malfunction may lead to a huge problem and mess up the entire freezer if not dealt with at the first sign of trouble.

What Are The Common Freezer Defects That You Need To Be Aware Of?

In reality, there are many models of freezers, but they all tend to go through the same issues in the course of their lifetimes. Some of these problems include:

  • The freezer makes a lot of noises while on
  • The freezer gets too cold
  • The appliance simply refuses to come on
  • The machine takes a long time than usual to cool
  • The door of the fridge is broken
  • The freezer’s controlling board is not functional
  • The freezer will not defrost

If your freezer experiences any of the issues mentioned above, you should take immediate action and get your fridge fixed. The truth is if your refrigerator stops working, a lot of the things preserved in there will start to spoil in a short while. That could mean losses. It can also be very irritating when the fridge produces loud noises.

Here’s What You Need to Do

There are two alternatives you can consider. The first one is to buy a new freezer. This move can be rather expensive especially if you had not budgeted for such an expenditure. A brand new fridge goes for at least several hundred dollars. The other alternative is to call a qualified appliance repair technician to repair your freezer. This option is the most suitable since it is cheap and easy. You can call us at Oceanside Appliance Repair to help you out if your freezer has started acting up. We can guarantee to troubleshoot it and get it running perfectly in no time.

Why Choose Oceanside Appliance Repair Service?

Over the years, Oceanside Appliance Repair Company has curved a solid reputation for providing high-quality repair service to our clients. Our technicians are well trained and vastly experienced, so you can always be sure that your freezer is in the right hands. No matter how serious the damage on your appliance seems, you can be sure that we’ll restore it to mint condition. But our technical competence isn’t the only thing we are proud of. We are also happy about our lightning fast service delivery. We know that you need all of your appliances working perfectly at all times, so we treat all requests for repair and maintenance with the urgency they deserve. Within moments of your calling us, we’ll have an experienced technician on their way to your home to help you out. Our technician will first assess freezer and determine the most fitting solution for it. We have the best rates in town, as you will discover when our expert gives you an up-front, all-inclusive quote for the repair costs. As soon as your freezer is running smoothly once again, our technicians clean up the area before leaving. We like to conduct ourselves with the highest levels of professionalism. You’ll be happy you called us.

Which Brands Do We Repair?

Our experts can handle a wide variety of brand. These include Viking, Electrolux, LG, Thermador, GE, Bosch, Wolf, Kenmore, Samsung, Sub-Zero, Scotsman, DCS and many more.

We also provide maintenance services for a wide range of commercial and household appliances

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