Range Repair

Ranges are among the commonest appliances in American homes today. That’s because a lot of people recognize the benefits of home cooked meals. In most homes, ranges are used almost every single day. Some families even use their ranges more than once a day. But ranges are not just useful at home. These appliances also come in handy in restaurants, cafeteria, and other food businesses. Such businesses rely on ranges to cook all kinds of foods.

A high-quality range can last a long time without giving you trouble. With proper care and maintenance, your range should stay in good conditions for even longer. Promptly tackling range repair issues is one of the best ways to keep it from breaking down. Of course, it’s important to be able to know what range defects to expect and how to immediately spot them so you can address them promptly and appropriately.  So what are some of the common range defects you need to be looking out for?

Top Range Malfunctions

At the moment, there are many different models, types, and brands that ranges come in. Despite this fact, all the ranges tend to go through similar problems. Some of the commonest defects to expect include:

  • The stove refuses to turn on completely
  • The range produces too little heat
  • An error signal is displayed on the clock of the range
  • The appliance is leaking gas
  • The appliance has electrical wiring problems
  • The range is overheating
  • The timers of the range stop working
  • The machine refuses to switch off

In case you note any of the above faults, please take them with a lot of seriousness. A range that won’t turn on or heat up properly is essentially useless to you. If the range leaks gas or has electrical wiring problems, it can be hazardous. For those who own food businesses, a range breakdown can lead to huge losses since you may be forced to close down the business until the range is fixed. In homes, a range defect will mean you will need to buy food, and this is very expensive especially if you have a large family.

Here’s what to Do When Your Range Malfunctions?

Buying a new range is one of the first options that come to mind when your oven has malfunctioned. This move can be quite inconvenient as a range can be quite costly. Spending at least several hundred dollars to purchase a new range every time your current one has malfunctioned is not practical. The second option is to seek professional repair for your malfunctioning range. This choice is usually the most suitable since fixing a range is much cheaper compared to buying a brand new one. If you choose to restore your range, make sure that you hire a reliable and certified appliance repair company to repair it for you. You can count on Oceanside Appliance Repair to troubleshoot and restore your faulty range within no time.

Why Choose Oceanside Appliance Repair Company?

Our company is fully committed to providing high-quality appliance repair services to customers. We have a large team of qualified, EPA certified technicians. Our experts are vastly experienced in the repair of a wide variety of appliances regardless of their models or brands. We have a same day service policy to ensure that you are given appliance repair service on the same day you request for them. Immediately you call us asking for repair services, and we send one of our experts to your doorstep to help you out.

Our technician first examines the appliance to determine what is causing the problem before telling the best solution for it. They’ll also give you an up-front all-inclusive estimate of the repair expenses. If any replacement parts are needed, you can be sure we’ll only use original factory approved ones. When we complete fixing the range, we make sure that we tidy up the space before leaving. We believe in making all appointments as stress-free for our clients as possible. You’ll be impressed by our exceptional standards of professionalism.

Which Brands Do We Repair?

Regardless of which brand your range is from, our technicians have the skills to repair them. Our experts can efficiently and effectively repair appliances from any brand including Marvel, Dacor, Frigidaire, American Range, Amana, Monogram, Viking, Electrolux, LG, Thermador, GE, Bosch, Wolf, Kenmore, Samsung, Sub-Zero, Scotsman, DCS and many more.

We know that your appliances can break down at any time, so we provide service around the clock.

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